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Since the Insights API is implemented in GraphQL, you can retrieve as much information as you want or as little as you need. Below you'll find examples of both simple and more advanced Insights API requests and their associated responses.


Is the data for past orders available via the Insights API?

How Insights Work

ShipperHQ generates a significant amount of detail about each shipment for which it generates shipping rates and options each time an application calls the Rates API. Once the ShipperHQ account associated with the rating call has the Shipping Insights Advanced Feature enabled, ShipperHQ stores these shipment details for later retrieval with the Insights API.


Many elements impact both the shipping rates and shipping options offered to customers. Once selected, these options determine how to fulfill these orders. For example, what carrier and service to use, what package or packages to use, what warehouse to ship from, when to dispatch the shipment, etc. When ShipperHQ is used to produce shipping rates and options, it will determine many of these elements as part of its rating calculations. The Insights API gives you access to all of those details so that you can integrate them into your application.


This document is for technical architects and developers that need to integrate with ShipperHQ’s Insights API to build their own integration to retrieve shipment details from ShipperHQ.