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ShipperHQ gives merchants the tools they need to manage their shipping and easily take advantage of UPS® services

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ShipperHQ - A Game Changer in the World of Shipping Rate Management


Benefit of working with a UPS Ready® Provider

Find security in working with a company that meets UPS® standards. Meaning merchants can expect improved customer service and lower costs.

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UPS Cusomter Techology Program

Are you a UPS® Customer?

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UPS Customer Technology Program

The Customer Technology Program (CTP) is a program for UPS customers that allows them to obtain approved technology from UPS Ready® providers at a discounted price or no cost at all.

CTP can be used for approved technology solutions, like ShipperHQ, that are UPS Ready® providers. CTP customers have full access to ShipperHQ features but can use these only with UPS services.

How it works

  • Talk to your UPS Representative to see if you qualify for CTP
  • Sign up for a ShipperHQ account
  • Obtain your approval code and UPS® Subsidy amount from UPS® and provide the information to ShipperHQ
Program Details

A 3 Year license to a UPS-ONLY version of ShipperHQ is $1,260 ($35/MO). This license includes the CTP version of ShipperHQ which is the same as ShipperHQ Standard Plan but includes UPS services only. You can upgrade to the ShipperHQ Pro Plan ($100 more per month) and Enterprise Plan (Contact us for pricing). If you do not have enough CTP funds to cover the full $1,260 then you can make up the difference in direct payment. Your UPS Representative will help you determine your CTP funds.

ShipperHQ Features and Benefits


Feature List
  • Full control over shipping rates with advanced surcharges and discounts
  • Custom rate generation based on a wide variety of factors
  • Dropshipping and Multi-Origin shipping rating
  • In-Store Pickup
  • Dimensional Shipping
  • Multi-Site Support
  • Freight Shipping
  • Delivery Date and Time in Transit Estimates

Supported UPS® Services

UPS® Domestic and International small package services
UPS Access Point
UPS Access Point locations in North America and Europe
UPS Freight
UPS® Ground with Freight Pricing
Time Transit
Time in Transit and Delivery Date Estimates for UPS® services


Merchant Benefits

For Merchants:

With its approachable but powerful dashboard, ShipperHQ is designed to put you in control of your shipping. Delight customers by offering the options they want at the exact rate you need to charge. Using ShipperHQ, it’s easy to leverage the extensive services UPS® offers to get your products to your customers.

Developer Benefits

For Developers:

Give your customers powerful shipping tools without spending hours installing and configuring multiple apps or extensions. With support for major eCommerce platforms, ShipperHQ gives your customers the tools they need to manage their shipping and easily take advantage of UPS® services.

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