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Take advantage of ShipperHQ’s partnership with some of the biggest shipping carriers in the industry and tap into reduced rates and free subscriptions.

UPS Cusomter Techology Program

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UPS Customer Technology Program

The Customer Technology Program (CTP) is a program for UPS customers that allows them to obtain approved technology from UPS Ready® providers at a discounted price or no cost at all.

CTP can be used for approved technology solutions, like ShipperHQ, that are UPS Ready® providers. CTP customers have full access to ShipperHQ features but can use these only with UPS services.

How it works

  • Talk to your UPS Representative to see if you qualify for CTP
  • Sign up for a ShipperHQ account
  • Obtain your approval code and UPS® Subsidy amount from UPS® and provide the information to ShipperHQ

Are you shipping internationally from the US?

Get discounted rates with Authorized DHL Agents

DHL ILS Program

Get access to the outstanding service that DHL Express offers for US outbound international shipments through Authorized DHL Agents and DHL Service Partners. International Logistics Solutions (ILS) makes pricing normally reserved for the largest multi-nationals accessible to Small and Mid-sized Businesses.

Plus, ILS offers an unparalleled level of support for your team both in getting started with DHL as well as keeping your packages moving and getting your questions answered.

How it works

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