Partnership Program

Solve merchant problems without adding the cost and complexity of creating custom solutions!

By becoming a ShipperHQ Partner, designers and developers add the most advanced shipping rate management software available to their toolbelt

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Put the expertise and proficiency of the ShipperHQ team at your fingertips so you can quickly and accurately advise your clients on the best way to approach their shipping requirements.

As a ShipperHQ Partner, the esteem and trustworthiness in which merchants hold us and our products extends to you.

Partnership Benefits

Increase Your Revenue

Increasing revenue with ShipperHQ is made easy with our reselling opportunities

Enhance Your Pitch

Add ShipperHQ to your available solutions and open the doors to clients with more complex shipping requirements

Product & Sales Training

Trusted Partners receive personal training sessions helping them gain knowledge in shipping and become product experts.

Priority Support

You and your clients will receive priority support so your clients receive the best possible customer service

Increase Your Exposure

As your partner, we will recommend you to our customers, and increase your exposure to them helping you generate leads and business

Apply For Partnership

Our partners are upstanding members of the eCommerce community. They supply the highest quality products and services to their customers and are known as the best in their industry. If you are interested in becoming a partner you can request approval. Once it is determined that you meet the requirements, you will be awarded with a “ShipperHQ Trusted Partner” badge.

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ShipperHQ is proudly UPS Ready

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